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Guatemala is bordered to the north and northwest by Mexico, to the northeast by Belize, to the southeast by Honduras, and to the south by El Salvador. Its southwest coast is bathed by the Pacific Ocean, while a small stretch of its east coastline faces the Caribbean Sea.
Given its privileged location at the very heart of the American Continent, Guatemala is a major tourist and commercial hub. With an area of just over 108,000 sq. km, the country is divided into 22 geographic entities called departments that are home to 12 million inhabitants.
Guatemala is unique, not only for its wonderful rural landscapes, but also for the passionate nature of its people - a blend of beauty and spirit. As a melting pot of Spanish and native Mayan traditions, it has a rich, distinctive culture. With its diverse historical legacy and a land rich in natural beauty, Guatemala offers a wealth of interesting and picturesque places to visit.
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