MLS#: C0364-03016

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€970,000 EUR

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Date Updated: May 11, 2024

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Commercial Property for Sale! College for Sale!The value corresponds to the purchase of the physical property that includes all permits and licensing that this company has for the proper exploration of this area linked to the Education sector! Everything is up to date and in full operation and with immense demand from future users! It is an educational establishment built under current legislation and with advice and advice from Social Security and the Lisbon Regional Education Directorate (DREL). The building is located on a plot of 1000 m2 and consists of two naves, with two floors each, corresponding to a construction area of approximately 380 m2. It is in this space that the nursery and daycare facilities, preschool and free-time activities center are distributed.The painting of the building was inspired by the colors of the rainbow, with the facade having a white base paint, with a blue lower paneling completing the remaining colors of the rainbow in bands of violet, red, orange, yellow and green. .Each of the rooms in the different areas is decorated in one of the colors of the rainbow, while the passage areas and common areas are decorated in sky blue.Resistant, washable and fire-retardant vinyl was applied to the floors in the living rooms and passage areas, reminiscent of wooden floors, while in the kitchen, pantries and sanitary facilities the floor is made of gray non-slip mosaic tiles.Therefore, and respecting the legal framework, the space is divided as follows:Ground floor- ProhibitedThis is the main door of the building, providing direct passage to thesecretary.- SecretaryLocated close to the main entrance, it has a service desk, intended for initial contact with the center, requests for information, payment of monthly fees, among other functions.- Management OfficeWith 10 m2, it is a pleasant and simple space, with a work table and some chairs.Located directly in front of the Secretariat, it allows for a more personalized service, complementing its service. It also functions as a space for small staff or management meetings.- Rest room/locker room/employee men's toiletSpace intended for staff to rest.- KitchenPrepared with the necessary equipment to prepare abalanced diet, respecting safety and health guidelines.It is divided into several compartments, including the warehouse, cooking area, plating area, dirty pantry and sanitary facilities.Located next to the kitchen but on the outside, we can find the garbage house, which is isolated from the rest of the building.- Multipurpose RoomWith 50 m2, this room is suitable for meals for pre-school and kindergarten groups and staff, equipped with tables and chairs that can be stacked during other activities.Ground Floor 1- Kindergarten Room IWith 50 m2, it is intended for children aged between threeand four years old.In the room we can find tables designed for developingactivities, chairs appropriate to the children's age and other furniture for storing games and materials.- Preschool and Kindergarten II roomAlso measuring 50 m2, the preschool room is intended for children aged between five and six years old.

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