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MLS#: 100104-532

$9,100,944 USD

€8,500,000 EUR

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Date Updated: Jun 21, 2024

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COMMERCIAL & STORAGE COMPLEX with functional land on the MARLES business estate, LIMBUŠ

The commercial and storage premises are located on the Marles business estate in the range from 1 to 5 kilometres from the city of Maribor.

A new access road is being arranged on the south bypass route.

The size of this commercial and storage complex measures 53.771 m2 (inclusive of 22.358 m2 which represents the non-built-up land area).

The land consists of 13 parcel numbers. The non-built-up part of the surfaces are mainly access roads and grassland.

The built-up part of the complex consists of 7 buildings of various sizes, construction years, the design of construction as well as intended use and are sold together

The total size of all the buildings amounts to 31.413 m2.

The buildings comprise of:

  • 2 larger production halls

  • Warehouses of various dimensions and heights

  • Management/Administrative building on two floors

  • Shop

  • Ancillary facilities

A smaller-size building, a part of which is underground was used as the storage of flammable substances.

In the management building there are 4 transformers which are part of the immovable property and are owned by the Vendor.

The ceiling height in the warehouse and in production facilities are 4 – 6 meters. A part of the warehouse is situated in the cellar area,

Accessible from the outdoors or indoors (service lift). The ceiling height in the production hall up to the ventilation channels is about 4-4.5 meters.

The total power of the leased electricity power supply is 1.25 MW, the actual installed power is 2.4 MW.

A part of the warehouse on the east side of a larger facility is occupied by a renter which the renting agreement can be agreed with.

The technical surveillance of the facilities is in place. The land is fenced. Access is arranged via right of way roads.

The sales price is 8,500.000 € + 22% VAT.

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Limbuška cesta