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Date Updated: Oct 11, 2023


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A 35-minute drive from central Lisbon, situated between Sarilhos Pequenos and Gaio-Rosário, in Moita, the 170-hectare has a building capacity of 15,000 square meters on the south bank of the Tagus River in Lisbon. !The project requires a master plan that includes a 5-star resort with a 145-room historic hotel, a 60-seat Superyatch marina, a 1,000-square-meter glass event pavilion, a Championship Links golf course, SPA, 24 Eco Villas and a beach club as the main anchors of the facilities.The master plan is in the design phase and can be shaped according to the wishes of the new owner, having already been appreciated by the Moita City Council, which has commented positively on all content.This development has an excellent exclusivity, especially since the historic designed hotel is unique in Portugal, there are only 3 marinas on the Portuguese coast capable of hosting Superyatches and there are no links golf courses on the south bank of Lisbon.The venture has multiple and sustainable revenue streams that provide long-term equitable returns to the investor.Note that the space is served by several roads and is 30 minutes from an international airport and is also accessible by boat from the river estuary.The historic buildings already in place need to be preserved sustainably. The 15,000 m² building area for hotels and facilities represents only 8.8% of the total land area. The 59 hectares available for golf are perfectly suited to create a championship course with extensive training facilities.The natural harbor of the space and its historic highlight, as well as the Palace, naturally become the proposed historic nucleus for hotel and marina. Extensive fan-shaped farmland, along with panoramic views of the river and cork forest, complement the Historic Hotel's need for "customer-oriented amenities" such as golf, spa and event facilities.There are numerous plots of land around that can provide real estate expansion, golf, horse riding, tennis, organic farm, hotels, etc.The Region Strategic Development Plan (PDM) requires a site development plan with some of the following characteristics: Preservation of Historic Buildings, Investigative Learning (Environment) Activities, Tourism and Leisure Activities.Split ownership is not allowed.Job creation and tourist attractions will benefit the community and will be welcomed positively.Portugal is currently very open to investment and wishes to support the development of more tourist attractions.Tourism in Portugal is in its second year of double-digit growth.The north bank marinas have very high occupancy levels and limited capacity to carry Superyachts.Portugal is a renowned golf destination with many success stories in golf resort hotels, and the spectacular nature of the river estuary and its surrounding salt flats will appeal to all golfers.Salt caves and sludge treatments will be particularly relevant to support the preferences of the target clientele.The region's prolific role in providing food for Lisbon and the size of the property is a recognized historical attraction.Lisbon will now have a new destination on the river, offering a unique harbor with Historic Hotel, visitor gardens, cafes and restaurants, shopping and services.The wide range of wild birds, including the pink flamingo, will attract walking tours.The organic greenhouse restaurant will reflect the region's agricultural heritage.The glass pavilion located within the mansion's gardens will host a variety of events that will attract visitors. Unique and exclusive opportunity for investment!

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