Welcome to Italy, the country of art.

Each small city, town or village contains an invaluable heritage of frescoes, pictures, paintings, sculptures, buildings, churches and palaces covering a period of history longer than two thousand years. Each stone in our country actually has an endless story to tell.

Not only is Italy the country of such an immense cultural heritage.
It is also the homeland of style and fashion.
It is the factory of the most powerful and fascinating engines.
It is the place of good living, where the sun shines all year long to warm your heart, and where you can enjoy the most varied, creative, healthy and tasty cuisine.
It is the right place to buy a house to live in for the rest of your life or just a few months a year.

Welcome to Italy

How to buy in Italy

CENTURY 21 agents follow their clients during all phases of the acquisition, until the Purchase Contract is signed (usually referred to as "rogito").

STEP 1 - The Proposal ("Proposta") and The Preliminary Contract ("Preliminare" or "Compromesso")

This preliminary agreement (even if it is concluded privately) gives rise to commitments that are legally enforceable. Prior to completing a preliminary contract, the buyer must have obtained an Italian tax number.

STEP 2 - The Final Contract - ("Rogito")

In order to protect citizens, whether Italian or foreign, the Italian State requires that the contract (commonly called "rogito" — the last step of the purchase process) be drawn up by an impartial public official who is a specialist in this area: the notary.

Real Estate Taxation in Italy

Property tax is well below 1% of the property’s market value. Italy is one of the countries with the lowest inheritance taxes.

For the transfer of property between private individuals the registration tax, mortgage and land registry taxes are paid by the buyer to the notary who, in turn, will forward them to the government Taxation Office at the time of registration.

Flat Tax

Italy has introduced a new taxation system for foreigners who move their tax residence to Italy. Most income earned outside of Italy is taxed at the substitute amount of €100,000 per year, and €25,000 per year for each family member to whom the effects of the flat tax are extended. Furthermore, individuals benefiting from this tax regime are exempt from the monitoring of foreign-held assets on behalf of Italian tax authorities.

Top Property Search Areas in Italy

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