CENTURY 21 in Cyprus Northern Territory

Semih Sancar Street
Dogankoy / Kyrenia
Ersoy Plaza No.1 

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Cyprus Northern Territory

Mediterranean lifestyle, healthy cuisine, almost zero crime rates, clean environment, internationally accredited higher-education and fast-developing infrastructure attract a lot of investors to buy properties in Cyprus Northern Territory. Comparatively low property prices, steadily growing capital gains on property and rental yields make investments in real estate highly prospective.

Reasons to Invest in Cyprus Northern Territory

Cyprus Northern Territory offers a favorable and non-discriminatory business environment for both local and foreign investors, combined with a strategic location which emphasizes the importance of investing in the area.

The infrastructure is also developed in the location to make sure that Cyprus Northern Territory is the best location for your investment.

In addition to the quality of the business environment, Cyprus Northern Territory grants generous investment incentives to direct investments. As a small, but fast growing economy, it provides a wide-range of economic advantages to both local and foreign investors.

General Information About Cyprus Northern Territory

Capital City. The capital of North Cyprus is Nicosia.

Time. Cyprs Northern Territory is located in Eastern Europe, therefore, the time used is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Currency. The currency used in Cyprus Northern Territory is Turkish Lira. American Dollar, Euro and English Pounds can also be used in your general expenditures and shopping.

Language. The official language in Cyprus Northern Territory is Turkish, and almost everyone can also speak English.

Visa. You can obtain a tourist visa with your Passport without paying any additional charges, allowing you to live in Cyprus Northern Territory for 30 days. A Tourist Visa will have a Passport stamp for 30 days without any extra charges.

Health services. Cyprus Northern Territory has a high quality health service. Both public and private hospitals icarry modern health equipment.

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