Land te koop: Kroatië Croatia Preko Aanbod #100151-17

€300.000 EUR

Preko, Croatia 20000
32.292 voet2 :: 3.000 m2
Land te koop, Bouwgrond
CENTURY 21 Maribor City
Ulica Vita Kraigherja 5
Maribor, Podravska 2000, Slovenië
Telefoon: 059 033 404

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Island Rivanj

On the island of Rivanj, in a beautiful place, right by the sea, we sell a building plot in the size of 3,000 m2. The parcel can also be divided into three smaller ones. The electrical connection is installed right by the plot. The access is regulated.

The island of Rivanj lies in the Zadar area between islands Sestrunj and Ugljan. It can be labeled as a Robinson island. The town is small and lies in the inside part where there is a smaller port, providing daily ferry connections to Zadar.

Rivanj Island is a green oasis of peace, with a clean sea where you can truly rest and enjoy the scents of rosemary, lavender, laurel, and also find other herbs including a very aromatic wild rocket. If you love fishing, here is the right place for you.


Preko, Croatia 20000, Kroatië
Aangeboden door CENTURY 21 Maribor City

Het Land te koop, Bouwgrond gelegen in Preko, Croatia 20000, Kroatië is momenteel te koop. Deze woning wordt aangeboden voor €300.000 EUR. Als deze woning niet is waarnaar u zoekt, zoek Croatia Vastgoed  om andere   Land te koop in Preko te zien.

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