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Portugal, a great place to live!

Portugal: come for a visit or stay for life! Imagine living in a country with such a wonderful diversity of landscapes all within an easy drive: sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, golden plains that give rise to majestic mountains, vibrant cosmopolitan cities and an ancient millennial heritage.

Buying a house in Portugal is a secure process. These are 4 of the key steps:

      1. Land Registry Certificate (Certidão do Registo Predial)

Information contained in the land registry certificate includes details of the building, details of the owner, their rights and title, as well as any encumbrance that may affect the property such as mortgages or other claims. The land registry certificate may be requested in hard copy or digital format by applying in person, at any land registry office (Conservatória do Registo Predial - see list). This entity holds full descriptions of properties; It is also possible to request a permanent land record certificate or simplified land information through the Predial Online website.

      2. Title Certificate (Caderneta Predial)

This document may be requested from any tax office. It contains information about the property's tax situation and can be used to find out which entity is responsible for meeting fiscal obligations related to the property. Property owners can get the title certificates for their properties from the tax authority website. A title search of any property in the land registry may be requested instead of a title certificate (this is only valid for one year).

      3. Usage Licence (Licença de Utilização)

The purpose of the Usage License is to certify the intended use of the property and that it is suitable for its licensed purpose. This license must be requested from the City Council of the district where the property is located. However, proof of the license request may be submitted along with the purchase agreement if the license is yet to be issued.

      4. Housing Technical Datasheet (Ficha Técnica de Habitação)

The Housing Technical Datasheet is a document that describes the main technical and functional characteristics of a property. It must be requested directly from the City Council of the district where the property is located.


Foreign Buyer Legal / Tax Implications

Your CENTURY 21® Agent will be able to assist you in understanding the home buying process. Please seek professional advice from a qualified lawyer and tax advisor before attempting to purchase real estate in Portugal.