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The Caribbean islands are well known for their warm tropical weather, crystal blue waters and having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is why they have been a popular destination for millions of families, couples and honeymooners who vacation each and every year. What most do not realize is that the Caribbean has also been a place for those seeking complete privacy and solitude.
Scattered amongst the 700 or so tropical islands are some very exclusive and well-hidden secrets. From a single private villa nestled on the top of mountain overlooking the ocean to having an entire island oasis to yourself, there is plenty to choose from. These luxurious getaways are not only frequented by the more affluent circles from around the world but also some of the world’s most famous A-list movie stars.
Each Caribbean island is unique in its own way and should be experienced with all its diverse cultures, languages, cuisine and friendly warm people. With each island having its own local economy, laws, politics and government, there are a number of opportunities to attract any type of investor. So, whether you are looking for a great investment or just deciding to make a lifestyle change to live on a tropical island, every Caribbean island has something special to offer.

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