Cole Bay Two Bedroom Townhouse (Sold)
Almond Grove
Сент Маартен

Номер MLS : 1145313

495 000 $ USD

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Дата обновлена: 30 нояб. 2023 г.

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almond grove two bedroom townhome in cole bay.

it was love at first sight! it's perfect.

a cosy cottage with spacious spaces and green gardens. has it been touched by romance itself!?

property specifications

This two-bedroom townhouse for sale in Almond Grove Estate, Cole Bay is well priced in today's market.

  • price: 495,000
  • condition: very good
  • internal space ground floor: 86 square meters
  • covered terrace ground floor: 15 square meters
  • pergola: 28 square meters
  • gazebo: 4 square meters
  • internal space first floor: 86 square meters
  • covered terrace first floor: 15 square meters
  • gross roofed area of 234 meters square

well maintained property

currently owned by a doctor, this property has been well cared for and in my opinion, is one of the best properties within the community. right towards one end, so the townhouse is semi-detached

giving you almost complete privacy!

wonder how they keep their gardens green? complete irrigation system covering the entire outside portion. this gives you an indication of the investment made by the owner.

almond grove estate, a hidden gem in cole bay, sint maarten.

A luxury estate naturally protected by hills offering unique expansive views of the west coast. Other lot sizes are usually over 1000 square meters or 10,000 square feet.
There is a keen focus on nature and one of the only estates where I have seen old trees!

bonus feature

to give you even more reasons to love this home; this townhouse can easily be converted into a three-bedroom, as was the original configuration.

market comparable

properties in almond grove are usually over ,000,000. the house next door is 5,000 (detached villa)! we have land for sale at 0,000 (lowest possible!) and 0,000.

my favourite feature is the outside. palms for shade, barbeque for sharing. this is called family living!

everybody loves it

have a look at what people are saying on our facebook post on this colebay townhome

. 149+ likes and 20 shares!

i am always looking for excuses to show this beauty. contact me and i will present this townhome with pleasure.

Belangrijkste standpunten samengevat in het Nederlands.
Om u nog meer motivatie te geven om van dit huis te houden, dit herenhuis kan gemakkelijk worden omgebouwd tot drie slaapkamers, zoals de oorspronkelijke instelling was, de woonkamer was de derde slaapkamer.

Een tropisch paradijs in een rustig gevend locatie met een uitmuntend gemeenschap in Almond Grove Estate.

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Cole Bay Two Bedroom Townhouse (Sold)
Almond Grove
Сент Маартен