Satılık arsa: Slovenya Pomurska Apače İlan #100195-10

€349.900 EUR

Apače, Pomurska 9253
3,9 İngiliz dönümü :: 1,56 ha
Satılık arsa, Yatırım amaçlı mülk
Mülk büyüklüğü: 1.422,2 feet kare :: 132,12 m2
CENTURY 21 Maribor City
Ulica Vita Kraigherja 5
Maribor, Podravska 2000, Slovenya
Telefon numarası: 059 033 404

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In a genuine rural setting, just off the Austrian border, there is a boutique-style restaurant with a Dalmatian touch.

In the vicinity there are several tourist attractions such as the Negov Castle, the Radenci Spa, the annual Pomurje Fair, etc.

 The estate located in a sunny location, stretches over 1.5 hectares of land.

The restaurant area measures 132m2 of net floor area, while the central terrace is 120 m2 and a built-in barbecue measuring 30m2. An additional side terrace measures 65m2. In 2017 it was completely renovated.

The restaurant receives excellent reviews and guest reviews on the TripAdvisor website.

Smartly selected details, a touch of homeliness in ethnic origin, add to the charm of an enchantment.

The soul and the heart call the pond, with its own water source. In the immediate vicinity there are 932 m2 of surfaces, suitable for building glamping houses or apartments. The property includes an additional 3,500m2 of building surfaces, which is why it is also recommended to purchase as an investment in tourism with high potential yield.


The conceptual design of the project was also attended by the Faculty of Architecture in Vienna.


The location is peaceful, in the middle of nature and with a beautiful view of the nearby pond. Direct access from the main paved road is provided and a car park is arranged.


Suitable for boutique tourism, horse riding, glamping, fishing, etc.



  • İnşa edildiği yıl: 1924
  • Manzara tanımı: doğu yönüne bakar
  • Tarz: aydınlık
  • Durumu: restore edilmiş
  • Mutfak tanımı: donanımlı
  • Mülkün özellikleri: teras, otopark
  • Kamu hizmetleri: su
  • Soğutma sistemi: merkezi


Apače, Pomurska 9253, Slovenya
İlanı veren CENTURY 21 Maribor City

Apače, Pomurska 9253, Slovenya kentinde bulunan Satılık arsa, Yatırım amaçlı mülk halen satılıktır. Bu mülkün liste fiyatı: €349.900 EUR. Bu mülkte 132,12 m2 mevcuttur. Bu mülk beklentilerinize uygun değilse,  Apače konumunda bulunan Satılık arsa konumunda satılık diğer evlere göz atmak için Pomurska Gayrimenkulleri şeklinde arama yapın.

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