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$1.269.663 USD

Saint David
113 İngiliz dönümü :: 45,73 ha
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CENTURY 21 Nature Isle Realty
16-2 Industrial Estate
Saint Paul,
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Near the village of Rosalie on the Eastern side of the island, is this magnificent property of 113 acres of land known as the NEWFOUNDLAND ESTATE with the coordinates of Google search map (15°22’23.96”N 61°16’11.88”W) this would give you an idea of what the property looks like in position to the relation to the island. The estate is located 45 minutes away from the city of Roseau and 50 minutes away from the Melville Hall airport. Part of the estate finds itself within the valley but then gently elevates onto slight slope and into a forested area. The estate consists of flat, slightly steep and very steep land. The 34.08 acres or ¼ of the estate is known for its flat land, whilst 89.24 acres is considered to be slightly steep. This property can be used for residential, commercial, agricultural purposed or the hub for Eco-tourism. The property has two rivers and a waterfall which is 30 feet from the land towards the back area. There are two main heavy structured bridges which enable crossing over the two rivers on the estate. Electricity, cable and water are available on site. There are three main buildings on the estate- a two storey dwelling house, lumber mill and a small structure which is no longer in use. This NEWFOUNDLAND ESTATE can be bought at the price of US$ 1,269,663. The price of the property is negotiable.


  • Konum: imar: New Foundland Estate


Saint David, Dominika
İlanı veren CENTURY 21 Nature Isle Realty

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