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$116.999 USD

Saint Paul
34.866 feet kare :: 3.239 m2
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CENTURY 21 Nature Isle Realty
16-2 Industrial Estate
Saint Paul,
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This large residential lot without a doubt is an excellent piece of land. It is located in the peaceful outskirts of Warner village and offers breathtaking panoramic views. From its elevation of 1000 ft, the land not only offers a backcloth of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding countryside but particularly looking backward to the left, a terrific overview of Dominica's highest mountain Morne Diablotin and looking to the right a breathtaking view of Morne Prosper. Turn to face the Caribbean Sea and to the left you can see the end of the island and Scott's head jutting out with the Caribbean Sea one side and the Atlantic the other with a view of the coast. To the right, the Layou Valley and the Layou river. The property has the most beautiful calmness caused by the beauty all around you! With only a few but fine up market houses in the vicinity and an impressive landscape all around, this beautiful piece of flat land is an ideal spot for a holiday getaway or a dream permanent home or hotel. At 34,866 square feet of flat land, this is easy to build on as no clearing of trees is needed. The lot is accessed via a motorable dirt road which branches off the public Warner road. Electric utility poles are close by and connection to the recently upgraded public water system is easily available. The land is extremely fertile and has been used to grow sweet potatoes. Renewable energy Though - like solar power and wind driven apparatus - has proved to be very suitable for this area and therefore could be a feasible alternative. A wind turbine is already being utilized by the adjacent property. The Planning Department requires that lots in Warner are a minimum size of 10,000 square feet so property could be sub-divided by you if required, but this lot would make a lovely up market private house or if the fancy took you a Eco-lodge or hotel with tax reduction and practical help such as free import duty from the Invest Dominica Government Department. Distance from Warner to Roseau is but a 30 minutes drive.


  • Konum: imar: 34,866 Square Feet of Vacant Land in Warner


Saint Paul, Dominika
İlanı veren CENTURY 21 Nature Isle Realty

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