Satılık arsa: Curaçao Willemstad West İlan #1144167

ƒ375.000 ANG

Willemstad West
80.622 feet kare :: 7.490 m2
Satılık arsa
CENTURY 21 #1 Real Estate
Willemstad West,
Telefon numarası: (599 9) 737-0201
Faks: (599 9) 737-2160

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Relatively close to the beautiful beaches of Banda Abao and not far from Tera Kora, on the route from Willemstad to Westpunt is this generous lot of no less than 7,490 m2. An ideal place to build your dream house surrounded by your own large garden! Other destinations are also conceivable, provided they are in the residential atmosphere. Curious about the possibilities that this lot has to offer? Then contact one of our brokers!
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  • Konum: imar: Kashutuin Lot


Willemstad West, Curaçao
İlanı veren CENTURY 21 #1 Real Estate

Willemstad West, Curaçao kentinde bulunan Satılık arsa halen satılıktır. Bu mülkün liste fiyatı: ƒ375.000 ANG. Bu mülk beklentilerinize uygun değilse,  Willemstad West konumunda bulunan Satılık arsa konumunda satılık diğer evlere göz atmak için Willemstad West Gayrimenkulleri şeklinde arama yapın.

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