Julia Foard-Lynch

8074 Crescent Park Dr

It was my background in Interior Design that led me into Real Estate. Over the years, I have worked with clients all over the Piedmont and Northern Virginia areas. I have written for various newspapers and Real Estate magazines, offering tips on how to showcase homes for sale. I have worked with clients in renovating and redecorating their homes and have received much credit from my clients for the investments that have proven valuable to their sales. I love homes and the transformation of spaces, fixing them up and then seeing how quickly I can sell them is super exciting to me!\342\200\235 It is my goal to help my clients find the perfect home for their needs and advise them on making improvements that will prove wise for their investment within the current market. Service and Custom Care are my priorities. Since becoming a REALTOR in 2005, I have earned recognition from the Greater Piedmont Area Association of Realtors for having completed within the Top Five Number of Transactions for 2006 and 2007 and have received annual awards for production, while employed with Long & Foster. Having survived the crash of the housing market, I always say that I learned everything that I never wanted to know about the Real Estate market! One benefit of those difficult years is that I obtained great experience in putting values on properties. As a preferred agent with asset companies, I spent many hours preparing reports for the banks that owned the foreclosure properties and assessing values for them. This experience has given me the confidence and skills required to give my clients the best information and value on their homes, when listing them for sale. There are many facets to a successful Real Estate transaction, especially when a client is both selling and purchasing simultaneously. It is very important to have an agent, who is knowledgeable and experienced to handle the various components of buying and selling property and no two transactions are ever the same! Character and integrity are the building blocks of my business. It is my goal to always look out for my client\342\200\231s best interest. I have literally tried to talk clients out of buying a home if I have felt that their commute was too far or perhaps the condition of the house was questionable. In addition to this foundation, I bring experience into every transaction. Some transactions are easier than others, some are textbook and everything just goes smoothly but there are other transactions that require far more attention to detail and this is where the experience is critical. Being able to troubleshoot problems before they occur, knowing the various things to look for whether that is on a home inspection, dealing with contingencies or even being familiar with the different types of loans and how all of these details impact a transaction is essential to each contract. Agent to agent relationships are also very important in every transaction. When agents have a good rapport with one another, the buyers and sellers benefit as a result. Born and raised in Virginia, I know so many of the local Realtors and consider so many of them friends. I embrace working with other Realtors that I don\342\200\231t know personally and have met many great colleagues along the way! My husband has a full-time job in Northern Virginia; however, he is also licensed solely for the purpose of assisting me with my business. I always tell my clients that when they hire me, they are getting two Realtors instead of just one! We are also excited that our fabulous assistant is in the process of obtaining her license. Together, we are committed to providing you with stellar service! If you are considering purchasing or selling a property, please give us a call!

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8074 Crescent Park Dr, Gainesville, 維吉尼亞州, 美國

Century 21®房地產經紀人Foard-LynchJulia現有89個房源。 Foard-LynchJulia會講英文 Foard-LynchJulia就職於Century 21®房地產辦公室:CENTURY 21 New Millennium在Century 21®上位於8074 Crescent Park Dr, Gainesville, 維吉尼亞州, 美國。