Century 21 Global: 克羅地亞 Splitsko-dalmatinska Split Jurica Rubić

Jurica Rubić

CENTURY 21 Habilius

Svačićeva 3
Split, Splitsko-dalmatinska 21000
手機: +385 98 265 818

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Buying / selling a property is a process that should bring you long-term satisfaction. Satisfaction in the quality of life, satisfaction in the return on invested capital, simple turn-around in case of contingencies or property allocations. As an entrepreneur who has successfully dealt with all the challenges in various fields (trade, tourism, gastronomy, real estate) for many years, I will be happy to be your guide and advisor to reach the goal of long-term satisfaction in newly acquired real estate together.


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Svačićeva 3, Split, Splitsko-dalmatinska 21000, 克羅地亞

Jurica Rubić 在CENTURY 21辦公室工作: CENTURY 21 Habilius位於Svačićeva 3, Split, Splitsko-dalmatinska 21000, 克羅地亞. 您可致電+385 98 265 818聯絡Jurica Rubić