Uruguay a great place to live in Latin America

Uruguay stands out in Latin America for being an egalitarian society, its high income per capita, its low levels of inequality and poverty, and the almost total absence of indigence.
In relative terms, its middle class is the largest in Latin America, representing more than 60% of its population.
Uruguay ranks among the first places in the region in relation to various parameters of well-being, such as; the Human Development Index, the Human Opportunity Index and the Economic Freedom Index.
Its capital Montevideo is a quiet city of 1.5 million inhabitants that, like Punta del Este, offers excellent living conditions for executives and their families with access to first-rate health and education services.

Why Uruguay?

For its political, economic and social stability 1 in Latin America; Consolidated democracy, strong legal stability and respect for the rules of the game, low corruption, prosperity and the rule of law.

Important incentives for foreign investment:
1. Local and foreign buyers are treated equally, there are no restrictions or impediments for foreign buyers of properties.
2.Highly competitive capital gains tax, when a property is sold, the capital gains tax equals 12%.

More and more foreigners from the northern hemisphere are choosing Uruguay as their residence.
Montevideo was chosen the city with the best Quality of Life in Latin America (Mercer, 2014).
Real Estate

Market in Uruguay

The residential market is active in Montevideo and its surroundings, in Punta del Este and in Colonia there is an extensive development of condominiums, family homes, gated communities and several high-level projects such as Fendi Tower and Cipriani Residences among others.

Commercial development is mainly located in Montevideo, followed by Punta del Este, offices, commercial space and logistics options abound.